June 04, 2015

Tony Abbott should keep his word and drop his savage cuts to pension indexation and take them out of the Parliament.


Tony Abbott has introduced new legislation today to tighten the Assets Test for the pension and abolish the pensioner education supplement, the education entry payment and the seniors supplement while his pension indexation cuts remain in the Parliament.


For more than a year, Labor has campaigned alongside pensioners to get Tony Abbott to drop these cuts.


We won’t rest until they are gone for good.


Australian pensioners have every right not to trust Tony Abbott. They want this legislation gone.


Before the last election Tony Abbott promised 'no change to pensions'.


But in his very first budget he slashed indexation for the pension in a savage cut that would see pensioners around $80 a week worse off over the next decade.


He also ripped $1.3 billion away from pension concessions and attempted to cut deeming thresholds.


Let’s not forget Mr Abbott’s plan to increase the pension age to 70 is still in the Parliament and is still the Government’s policy.


If Tony Abbott gets his way Australia will have the oldest pension age in the world.


Pensioners will never trust Tony Abbott ever again.


Mr Abbott is on the record dozens of times saying his cuts to pension indexation were fair and reasonable.


How can pensioners trust Tony Abbott not to introduce these cuts again if he wins the next election?


Mr Abbott should do the right thing and take these cuts out of the Parliament.




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