February 10, 2015

Tony Abbott has just promised that “good government starts today”.

But so long as Tony Abbott sticks by his unfair Budget, it’s clear that nothing has changed.


Tony Abbott still wants to impose $5.5 billion worth of cuts to families, cuts that will leave a typical Australian family on around $65,000 a year as much as $6000 worse off a year.


Tony Abbott still wants to cut the indexation arrangements of the pension and increase the Age Pension age to 70.


These indexation changes alone will leave pensioners $80 a week worse off within a decade. 


Tony Abbott still wants to leave young jobseekers with nothing to live on for six months.


Tony Abbott may have saved his own skin, but for ordinary Australians the Liberal leadership saga means nothing if these cruel budget cuts remain.


This is still the same government, still the same Prime Minister.


Tony Abbott says he wants to put families ‘front and centre’ of his government’s agenda in 2015. But so long as he proceeds with these cuts it’s clear that this is nothing but window dressing. 


Tony Abbott should abandon his cruel cuts immediately and stop breaking his promises to the Australian people.




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