July 03, 2018

July 1 marked five years since the Labor Government launched the NDIS.

Since that time, the NDIS has changed people’s lives for the better in every State and Territory. 

Already 160,000 people with disability are in the Scheme, including 40,000 people who are accessing support for the first time. 

This is a great achievement. 

The NDIS would never have been established without the tireless advocacy of people with disability and advocates. In particular, the passion and energy of the grassroots Every Australian Counts campaign.

However, as we celebrate this milestone, we must also acknowledge the challenges facing the rollout of the NDIS.

From problems with planning, to unanswered questions, deep frustrations with the IT system, and difficulty accessing services - these issues must be urgently fixed.

The Government must immediately lift the staffing cap on the NDIA so that there are no more delays, and fewer mistakes. 

We must also remember the point of the NDIS: to improve people’s lives through better support, and give people with disability more choice and control.

A Shorten Labor Government commits to advocating alongside people with disability, campaigners, families and carers to make the NDIS the best it can be.

The NDIS is a life-changing reform and all governments must work together to ensure it provides security, support and opportunities for Australians with disability for decades to come.