The Turnbull Government’s deceit on the National Disability Insurance Scheme has been truly exposed today, with reports it plans to spend funds intended for people with disability on other Liberal “whims”.

The Australian reports today that, far from using its proposed NDIS Savings Fund for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, it could use the funds to spend money on anything it wants.

“Scott Morrison told The Australian that [the] fund, while quarantined, could be used by any future government for any of its spending whims.”

The Australian, 4 May 2016

This shows that the Turnbull Government’s public commitment to the National Disability Insurance Scheme is a cynical charade.

The Liberals are lying when the say the National Disability Insurance Scheme is not funded. Labor funded the NDIS in 2013.

The Government’s Budget has linked delivery of the scheme to massive new cuts to pensioners, families and people with disability.

Now people with disability know the truth about the Turnbull Government’s intentions.

Not only will the Liberals cut support for people with disability, they will then spend those funds on purposes other than the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

People with disability have waited their whole lives for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. They don’t deserve to be treated with this sort of contempt.

Malcolm Turnbull should get on with the job of delivering the NDIS. He should stop lying to people with disability, and he should stop throwing the future of the scheme into doubt.


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