May 29, 2017

Reports in today’s The Australian that the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is facing considerable delays in its rollout are simply unacceptable.  

Delaying the rollout of the NDIS just isn’t good enough.

The Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter must take responsibility for the problems with the rollout of the scheme.

The Turnbull Government signed the bilateral agreements with the states on the full rollout of the NDIS. These included the details of when people with disability would come into the NDIS.

The Government is failing to meet its own targets.

The problems with the NDIS IT system have occurred on the Turnbull Government’s watch.

The botched management of the NDIS IT system has resulted in delays to the assessment of people with disability and periods in which disability service providers went unpaid.

Disability service providers have been demanding urgent improvements to the NDIS following concerns about poor-quality plans.

The Turnbull Government should stop over the phone planning. They just aren’t working. Too many mistakes are being made.

The quality of the planning process for people with disability can’t be compromised as the NDIS rolls out across Australia.

People with disability and their families have waited their whole lives for the NDIS – they need to have confidence that the scheme will be delivered on time, as promised. 

The Turnbull Government must stop playing political games with the NDIS.

The NDIS has bipartisan support. 

No one is more committed to the successful rollout of the NDIS than Labor.

Labor created it and we campaigned for it along with thousands of people with disability, their families and carers.

It’s time to fix the problems with the rollout of the scheme and make sure that people with disability get the best possible NDIS.

MONDAY, 29 MAY 2017

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