NBN Local Community Survey

Are you supportive of the National Broadband Network (NBN)?

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The NBN is critical to the future of our community - to our homes, schools, universities, hospitals and local businesses.

However, the local rollout of the NBN is well behind schedule. Few local premises are connected and we are confronted with a mix of technologies that will vary from area to area - even street to street - creating digital divides within our own community.

Having your say will help outline the expectations, concerns and experiences of local residents with the rollout of the NBN.

Current Problems with the NBN:
  • The national rollout is now three years behind the promised timeline for completion;

  • The Turnbull Government’s `multi-technology mix’ for the NBN is creating a digital divide within communities as some areas get superior technologies than others;

  • A recent Ipsos Survey reports Australia ranked last out of 28 countries for broadband satisfaction;

  • A 160% increase in complaints about NBN faults, with 76% of NBN users reporting slow speeds, disconnections, and dropouts;

  • 1,100% cost blowout to repair and upgrade the existing copper wire network for the NBN; and

  • Small businesses report losing an average of $9,000 when they switch to NBN.