May 11, 2015

Labor welcomes news the Nationals will belatedly stand with Labor in rejecting Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison’s cuts to Family Tax Benefits, despite having voted for them when they were introduced to the Parliament last year.

Not even the Nationals trust Tony Abbott to do the right thing by Australian families.

Once again, the Coalition is divided – with the Government’s incompetence continuing to hurt Australians.

If Scott Morrison and Tony Abbott get their way these cuts will leave a single income family with two kids as much as $6,000 a year worse off.

Nationals Senator Matthew Canavan this morning said:

“The system we are proposing massively penalises families where a parent stays home to look after children and we think it does not properly value the benefits of unpaid work.”

SENATOR MATTHEW Canavan, 11 MAY 2015

Labor has been campaigning against these cuts for over a year. Finally it seems that Nationals have caught on.

These cuts include a plan to kick families off Family Tax Benefit Part B when their youngest child turns six, leaving families around $3,000 worse off every year.


Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison should listen to the National Party members of his own Coalition and do the right thing by Australian families by dropping these cuts.


This Budget is all about saving Tony Abbott’s job - not about doing what’s right for the future.


Tony Abbott promised to make things better – but he has made things so much worse.


The Abbott Government’s dishonesty and incompetence is still hurting Australia – not even the Nationals trust him.


Labor will continue to oppose the Government’s cuts to family payments in the Senate until they are scrapped forever.


MONDAY, 11 MAY 2015