January 04, 2016

Treasurer Scott Morrison has once again demonstrated that he is all spin and no substance. In today’s Australian newspaper Mr Morrison laughable claims that the Turnbull Government will avoid policies that act as a “handbrake or undermine confidence”.

But Mr Morrison is cutting the pension, cutting family payments and he wants to increase the GST to 15 per cent.


How will cutting the pension for 330,000 part-pensioners not act as a handbrake on growth and confidence?


How will cutting family tax benefits to 1.6 million Australian families not act as a handbrake on growth and confidence? 


How will increasing the cost of everything with a higher GST not impact on household budgets and consumer spending?


How will cutting penalty rates leave families better off?


In 2016 Australian families face the threat of an increase in the rate of the GST – a hip-pocket hit of about $4,000 a year for the average Australian family. 


An increase to the GST will hurt household budgets and be a huge economic confidence killer.


Despite promising new leadership, Malcolm Turnbull is cutting the budgets of families and pensioners – just like Tony Abbott.


And just like Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull wants to increase the cost of everything and hit every Australian household with a higher GST. 


Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison’s only economic plan is to hurt the household budgets of millions of Australians.


The only thing Australians can be confident about is that the Liberals will increase their cost of living.




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