April 08, 2015

Australian pensioners have woken today to yet another Scott Morrison pension thought bubble splashed across the front page of The Australian.

This is Scott Morrison’s fifth ‘thought bubble’ on changes to the pension in just a month.


The Government is in complete policy chaos when it comes to the pension.


First it was a sunset clause to its cuts to pension indexation after ten years that appeared out of nowhere in the Intergenerational Report.


Then it was a delay to indexation cuts.


Third came the idea of a three year review into pensions, and now we’ve had two different proposals on changes to assets test taper rates in less than a week.


The GP tax had around half-a-dozen changes between May 2014 and March 2015, the pension has had nearly the same in less than one month.


And despite all that, the only policy that is currently on the table is the policy to slash indexation and push pensioners into poverty and hardship.


Just five weeks out from the budget, Scott Morrison’s only policy is to leave pensioners $80 a week worse off within a decade. Mr Morrison must unreservedly drop his cuts to pension indexation.  


If he doesn’t, it is clear this government simply cannot be trusted when it comes to protecting the living standards of Australian pensioners.


Scott Morrison should stop scaring Australian pensioners with his daily thought bubbles.


Australian pensioners deserve certainty in retirement, they don’t deserve to face constant uncertainty about how changes to the pension will affect them. 


Tony Abbott promised before the last election ‘no change to pensions’.


Now almost every day we have a new example of how Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison are trying to change the rules for pensioners.


Labor calls on Tony Abbott to unreservedly drop his cuts to pension indexation – he must take these cuts out of the Parliament and out of the Budget.




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