May 01, 2015

Scott Morrison is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Australian families on his cuts to family payments.

It’s clear Scott Morrison has forgotten about his plan to cut family payments by $5.5 billion.

This includes kicking families off Family Tax Benefit Part B when their youngest child turns six.

This morning on Twitter Mr Morrison claimed:

"The Government has no plans to introduce new measures that would reduce payments to 'stay at home' parents. This is simply false.

And on radio he said:

“We are not making any changes, any new measures that would affect parents who stay at home”  

Scott Morrison, 3AW, 1st May 2015

Because of last year’s budget, single income families on around $65,000 will be as much as $6,000 a year worse off.

The Liberal’s cuts to family payments are an extraordinary attack on the living standards of single income families in Australia.

Since last year’s budget, Labor has been calling on the Abbott Government to scrap its cuts to families – including cuts to single income families.  

Scott Morrison is misleading Australian families. 

Mr Morrison should listen and scrap his unfair cuts to family payments.

Labor will continue to oppose these cuts until they are scrapped forever.

FRIDAY, 1 MAY 2015