August 20, 2015

Mitch Fifield, Assistant Minister for Social Services, continues to try to weasel out of assurances to people with disability that the National Disability Insurance Scheme will be delivered on time and in full.


When asked today if the Government will deliver the NDIS in full and on time he refused to give that assurance.


Asked repeatedly on Sky News if the NDIS will be delivered on time, Fifield  dodged the question.


David Spears: And on time?


Mitch Fifield: This is part of what is the core business of Government…


David Spears: And will it be delivered on time?


Mitch Fifield: Now, I am working intently on a series of bilateral negotiations with each of the states and territories.


David Spears: …Is the commitment still to deliver it on the time frame that has been laid out.


Mitch Fifield: Well the timeframe is to have the full schedule by 2019. As I say, and this isn’t being tricky on or playing with words or anything of that nature.


SKY PM AGENDA, 19 August 2015

This is not an answer.


Mitch Fifield, will the NDIS be delivered on time and in full?


People with disability are not interested in weasel words. They want a firm guarantee that there will be no cut and no delay. 


Tony Abbott promised before the election he would deliver the NDIS in full and on time.


Refusals to rule out any cuts or delays to the NDIS have left people with disability very worried.


Reports yesterday suggested the Expenditure Review Committee had discussed a delay last week, whilst a second leak from Cabinet last night reveals the NDIS was discussed at Monday night’s Cabinet meeting.


The reports even indicated that Treasurer Joe Hockey opposes signing a  deal with the NSW government on the full rollout of the scheme.


Seemingly ready for weeks, the Abbott Government has refused to end the uncertainty for people with disability in New South Wales.


Tony Abbott needs to end the uncertainty for people with disability. He should immediately sign the agreement with New South Wales and finalise the agreements with other states and the NT as soon as possible.


People with disability have waited long enough.




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