May 22, 2015

New modelling released today by Goodstart Early Learning shows some families will be as much as $4,603 a year worse off, and as many as 100,000 children will be impacted, under Scott Morrison’s proposed new child care arrangements.

This would be a disaster for Australian families.


Scott Morrison needs to immediately explain how he proposes to fix this massive problem.


Instead of providing extra support, it now looks like Scott Morrison’s changes will actually make life harder for many families.


Scott Morrison’s changes could leave working parents – particularly those working casual or part time – with less support than they get under the current system.


Tony Abbott said the Government’s Budget wouldn’t come at the expense of the family budget – but with Goodstart’s analysis showing families are set to lose up to $4,603 from child care changes alone, it is clear that yet again this is not a budget for families.


Locking children out of the benefits of early education is short-sighted and shows a lack of understanding about the enormous economic and social benefits from having children access quality early education.


Child care has never been a welfare payment – it is good for children’s development and good for parents to re-enter the workforce.


There are still far too many unanswered questions about these changes, and the Government continues to refuse to provide any of the detail families need to adequately assess the package.


Australian families deserve a Government that tells the truth about how this package will affect them.


FRIDAY, 22 MAY 2015


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