August 20, 2015

Scott Morrison’s legislative agenda has gone missing this parliamentary fortnight, as Bills scheduled for debate are repeatedly withdrawn, only to be rescheduled and withdrawn again.


Clearly Scott Morrison is failing to get support for his cruel cuts. His legislative agenda – like that of this Government - is a shambles.


Scott Morrison’s cuts to paid parental leave were due to be debated in the House of Representatives today, mysteriously disappearing from the House of Representative’s Daily Programme.


If this legislation is passed, 45,000 new mums will lose part of their government-funded paid parental leave and 34,000 new parents will lose access to the national scheme entirely.


The cut to paid parental leave will leave some new mums more than $11,500 a year worse off.


The Social Services Legislation Amendment (Youth Employment and Other Measures) Bill  was due to be debated in the Senate yesterday, only to be withdrawn for the second time. This Bill had been scheduled to be debated last Tuesday, only to be withdrawn.


This Bill contains some of the Abbott Government’s harshest cuts. If passed, young jobseekers under the age of 25 will be left with nothing to live on for a month, pushing them into poverty and hardship.


Young people between the ages of 22 and 24 will lose around $48 a week.


The Social Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 – the third Social Services Bill scheduled for debate this fortnight – was briefly debated last week before being withdrawn from the Senate on no less than 4 occasions. Most recently it was schedule to be debated on Tuesday of this week.


Faced with opposition from Labor – and most of the community – Scott Morrison’s legislative agenda has come to a standstill.


Increasingly, this Government seems paralysed by the job of governing.




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