November 21, 2016

The Turnbull Government must stop its misleading attacks on migrant pensioners. 

Reports today show that around 40 per cent of age pensioners were born overseas. But what these figures don’t show is that the vast majority of these pensioners have made an enormous contribution to Australia’s economy and society over many decades. 

If Malcolm Turnbull gets his way around 190,000 pensioners will have their pension cut as a result of Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to limit overseas travel for Australian pensioners.

Currently, pensioners can stay overseas for 26 weeks and receive their full pension. Following that time, the pension is reduced to a rate that depends on the number of years they have worked in Australia.

Under the Turnbull Government’s changes, from 1 January 2017 pensioners will have their pension cut after just six weeks.

This cut will hurt pensioners from overseas who want to return to their country of origin to visit their family and loved ones.

This is just another blatant misrepresentation of our social security system from the Turnbull Government, this time aimed at people born overseas.

It's all part of the Liberals campaign to trick people into believing that welfare spending is out of control and people who receive payments are undeserving.

This is just the latest attack on pensioners by the Turnbull Government.

In the 2014 Budget the Liberal’s tried to cut the indexation of the pension.

Then they cut the assets test – a cut that will leave 330,000 pensioners worse off.

Now they want to cut the pension to 190,000 migrant pensioners.

The Liberals have been relentless in their attack on Australian pensioners.

Over the last three years only Labor has consistently fought for Australian pensioners.