February 24, 2015

Reports tonight suggest the Abbott Government’s long delayed review into Australia’s welfare system is set to be released tomorrow.


Australians are rightly concerned the McClure Review will be used by the Abbott Government as justification for another round of savage cuts to vulnerable Australians.


It looks almost certain that people with disability will be the big losers, as the Government moves to push them onto different levels of payments.


Scott Morrison must immediately rule out leaving any Australians worse off as a result of the McClure Review. 


He must also guarantee that there will be no cuts to payment rates or benefits that go to the most vulnerable Australians.


And he must explain how the Abbott Government’s response to this review will tackle poverty, spread opportunity and provide support to people who need it.


To prove they are serious about supporting low income Australians, the Liberal Government should also use this opportunity to drop its $5.5 billion worth of cuts to family payments, its cuts to pension indexation and its savage attack to rip unemployment benefits away from jobseekers for six months at a time, currently before the parliament.


Nine months after the Abbott Government’s horror budget last year, vulnerable Australians are still reeling.


Tony Abbott has already attacked the living standards of pensioners, young people on Newstart and low and middle income families.


Vulnerable Australians do not deserve another round of Abbott cuts.