January 09, 2017

Reports today show the Liberals are trying to use a data issue as an excuse to rob students with disabilities of much needed funding.

They should be ashamed of themselves.


The Government has had the relevant data for over a year, but they have sat on it and done nothing.


The Liberals promised proper funding for students with disabilities would start, in full, from the 2015 school year. Then they delayed it until 2016. Then to 2018. Now, just a few days before Christmas, it’s been revealed they want to delay it even further.


No more excuses. The Liberals must properly fund students with disabilities immediately.


Do the Liberals think students with disabilities deserve proper school funding, or do they not?


The Liberals have already cut $30 billion from schools that will see every student, in every school, in every state worse off – and means students with disabilities will never get the extra funding they deserve.


The Liberals can always find billions of dollars to spend on a tax cut for big business and the banks.


But they can never seem to find the money to properly fund our schools, including students with disabilities.


You just can’t trust the Liberals on education.


In contrast, education is a priority for Labor. We believe getting a great education is the ticket to a lifetime of opportunity.