June 17, 2015

The Liberal Party, the National Party and the Greens Party have today teamed up to cut the pension.

Australians now know that the only party committed to protecting pensioners is Labor.


The day before the election, 6 September 2013, Tony Abbott famously promised “No change to pensions”.


The very same day, he promised:


“We will not do any deals with independents and the Greens.”


Fairfax op-ed – 6 September 2013


Since the election, Tony Abbott and the Greens have now teamed up to cut the pension, scrap the debt ceiling and increase petrol tax for Australian motorists.


This deal will do nothing for pensioners except see them have their pension cut.


Within ten years, more than half of all new retirees will be affected by this cut.


Around 330,000 Australian pensioners are set to lose.


This includes 90,000 pensioners who will be kicked off the pension altogether.


Single pensioners will lose as much as $8,000.


Couples will lose as much as $14,000.


And while the Government might claim that all these pensioners are rich. That is just not true.


Pensioners with as little as $289,000 in assets will lose because of this cut.


For 12 months, Labor has stood alongside Australia’s 3.5 million pensioners to fight Tony Abbott’s cuts to pension indexation.


The only thing that prevented Tony Abbott from getting his way and pushing pensioners into poverty was Labor.


We have made it clear that we would continue to fight for Australian pensioners and oppose these cuts.


Whilst everyone knows Tony Abbott will do anything to cut the pension, this is a new low for the Greens.


Richard Di Natale’s first act as leader of the Greens is to do backroom deal with Tony Abbott to cut the pension.


And it is already clear that the proposed review by this Government is a complete sham, with the Government already ruling out any changes to superannuation concessions for the wealthy few.


Only Labor will fight to protect the pension.


Only Labor will fight for pensioners.




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