May 04, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull has used his first budget to continue his Government’s lies about the funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, throwing the delivery of the scheme under the Liberals into doubt.

Labor fully funded the NDIS in 2013. Instead of getting on with the job of delivering it, Malcolm Turnbull has linked delivery of the scheme to massive new cuts to pensioners, families and people with disability.

Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to the Clean Energy Supplement for new entrants mean:

  • Families receiving FTB-A will be up to $116 a year worse off per child;

  • Families receiving FTB-B will be up to $73 a year worse off;

  • Single pensioners will be $366 a year worse off;

  • Couple pensioners will be $550 a year worse off.

Not only will people with disability, carers and other pensioners be hundreds of dollars worse off, by linking the NDIS to these new cuts, Malcolm Turnbull is only fuelling uncertainty about his commitment to the scheme.  

What will he do if he cannot legislate these new cuts? Will he cut or cap the National Disability Insurance Scheme? Will the NDIS be delayed under a Turnbull Government?

In 2015 the Government linked new investment in child care to harsh cuts to Family Tax Benefits – and last night it delayed its child care reforms because these savage cuts haven’t been legislated. If this scenario is repeated, the NDIS would be held to ransom unless the Government is allowed to cut support from vulnerable Australians.

People with disability have waited their whole lives for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. They don’t deserve to be treated like a political football by Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals.

The former Labor Government’s 2013 Budget set out a 10-year funding plan for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

This included, but was not limited to, an increase in the Medicare Levy. A number of other Budget measures were proposed and legislated, and these funds currently sit in consolidated revenue.

Together, these measures show the National Disability Insurance Scheme is funded into the future.

Malcolm Turnbull should get on with the job of delivering the NDIS. He should stop lying to people with disability, and he should stop throwing the future of the scheme into doubt.


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