February 11, 2014

Former NSW Liberal Leader, John Brogden, has called on the Abbott Government to cut the age pension.

In a 2014 budget submission from the Financial Services Council, Mr Brogden calls for a review into whether the age pension means testing is “too generous”.

This provides even more cover for the Abbott Government to make savage cuts that will hurt Australia’s pensioners. Treasurer Joe Hockey has repeatedly refused to rule out making cuts to the age pension as part of the Government’s Commission of Audit. 

Before the election Tony Abbott promised he wouldn’t touch the pension. But after the election, everything is up for grabs.  We already know the Abbott Government has plans to cut the Disability Support Pension, and Joe Hockey is refusing to rule out making savage cuts to the age pension too.

It’s time that the Treasurer gave certainty to pensioners and ruled out making cuts to the aged pension. If he continues to refuse doing this, we can only assume that he agrees with his Liberal colleague, and Australians who work hard all their life don’t deserve the certainty of a secure pension.

In Government, Labor delivered the biggest increase to the age pension in more than a century. We also raised the pension age from 65 to 67 to help make the pension more sustainable.

We already know that the Government is preparing a savage round of cuts to people with disability. The Treasurer should come clean with pensioners and confirm whether he is also planning similar cuts to the Aged Pension.


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