Leanne Del Toso

June 04, 2014

4th June 2014


I am very pleased to inform the House of the outstanding efforts of Paralympian,

Leanne Del Toso, who lives in Watsonia in my electorate of Jagajaga.


Leanne is a wheelchair basketball champion, who is now setting her sights on riding

her modified two-wheel bike over the steep hills of Thailand to raise money for



Leanne, who won a silver medal at the London Paralympics, will ride 600 kilometres

across Thailand’s unforgiving roads to raise money to purchase wheelchairs for young

people with disability. The ride is not only a testament to Leanne’s courage and

determination; it is also an example of the ability of people with disability and the

social connectedness associated with sport and recreation.


Last year Leanne also completed the CyclePower Fiji, an annual ride organised by

Victorian not-for-profit organisation Disability Sport and Recreation to raise

awareness about the sporting abilities of people with disability.


Another local Paralympian and friend of mine, Sam Bramham, also completed the

100 kilometre ride around Fiji last year. Leanne and fellow CyclePower Thailand

riders will visit Phuket Special School to encourage sporting activities among the

300 students with special needs, using sports equipment donated by Disability

Sport and Recreation. I wish Leanne and everyone else the best of luck ahead of

Cycle Power Thailand.