March 17, 2016

Addressing the soaring rates of underemployment and insecure work is critical if Australia is to tackle inequality and grow our economy. 

That is why Labor’s new agenda for tackling inequality – Growing Together – makes it clear that future Labor governments should commit to full employment.


A Shorten Labor Government will put jobs first. Our first task every day will be making sure Australians are in good jobs with decent pay and working conditions.


When every Australian is able to work to their full capacity, Australia will be a fairer and more prosperous country.


For Labor, full employment means every Australian who can work is able to work to their full capacity. And right now that isn’t happening.


A good job with decent working conditions is the bedrock of a good life. But good jobs are also the foundation for a strong economy.


In Australia today, more than 760,000 Australians are unable to get work and a further one million people are underemployed. Too many more are in insecure work.


Youth unemployment is twice the national average and in some parts of the country more than 20 per cent of young people can’t find work.


This is just not good enough.


The Liberals have a lot of slogans and fear campaigns, but they have no plan for jobs.


They have no plan to help unemployed people find work.


And they have no plan for ensuring that Australians – particularly young Australians – have the skills they will need to fill the jobs of the future.


Labor knows that when we invest in the capabilities of our people – in schools, higher education and VET – we create more opportunities for people to get good quality, well paid jobs.


This helps lift people out of poverty and build decent lives for themselves and for their families.


Labor will make jobs the centrepiece of our plan for tackling inequality and building a stronger and fairer Australia.




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