May 13, 2015

Labor will oppose Tony Abbott’s plans to push 80,000 mothers off Paid Parental Leave.

Tony Abbott promised that this Budget would not come at the expense of the family Budget.


But this new $1 billion cut will leave tens of thousands of mothers worse off in the early months of their child’s life.


Adding insult to injury, Joe Hockey thought it was appropriate to announce these cuts on Mothers’ Day. 


Labor’s scheme was designed so that Paid Parental Leave could be topped up by employers who wanted to add to the government’s scheme. 


This is not double dipping.


The combined benefit of the Government’s scheme and employer contributions mean women can spend more time with their babies. That’s exactly how Labor’s PPL scheme was designed to work.


The Productivity Commission, the Fair Work Ombudsman and business groups agree that employer contributions are an important part of Paid Parental Leave.


Now Tony Abbott wants to rip this money away.  


Whilst Labor is willing to work constructively with the Government on reforms to child care, we will not support measures which rip money away from families.


And we will not support these cuts to Paid Parental Leave.


This Budget is a short term fix to Tony Abbott’s political problems – it has failed the future test and it has failed the fairness test


The fundamental unfairness of last year’s Budget disaster remains.


Nobody trusts Tony Abbott on Paid Parental Leave.


Nobody trusts Tony Abbott when it comes to standing up for Australian families.