January 19, 2015

 Federal Labor will this week take its Our Pension, Our Future campaign to Queensland ahead of the state election. 

The message to Tony Abbott is this: Hands off the Pension.

Queensland is home to more than 430,000 age pensioners. Every single one of these pensioners will be worse off if Tony Abbott’s gets his way and cuts indexation of the pension.

Tony Abbott told Queenslanders before the last election that there would be no changes or cuts to pensions.

He lied.

Now Tony Abbott’s cuts to indexation will leave pensioners $80 a week worse off within ten years.

On top of that, Tony Abbott wants to increase the Age Pension age to 70 and cut the deeming rate thresholds, meaning hundreds of thousands of part-pensioners will get less pension or no pension at all.

At the same time, pensioners will also have to pay more when they get their medicine or fill up their car with petrol.

Labor will stand up to Tony Abbott and protect the pension.

It is clear that Campbell Newman will not stand up for Queensland Pensioners, because he won’t stand up to Tony Abbott.

Labor believes in a fair pension system that provides a decent standard of living for people who rely on it.

But all Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman care about are cuts.

On the 31st of January Queenslanders have a chance to tell Tony Abbott that they didn’t vote for a cut to the pension.

They didn’t vote for a GP Tax, a Fuel Tax or an increase to the GST. They didn’t vote for cuts to SBS or the ABC.

On the 31st of January Queenslanders have a chance to tell Tony Abbott it’s Our Pension, Our Future.