April 21, 2015

Labor will today use a Senate Inquiry to examine the Government’s disastrous mismanagement of the program that funds vital community services to vulnerable Australians.


The Abbott Government savagely cut $270 million dollars without warning from vital services that support our most vulnerable families and children.  


Community organisations that provide emergency accommodation, financial counselling and family relationships services – including support for women and children escaping family violence - all face uncertainty about their future.


The Abbott Government’s damage is compounded by rushing in changes to the grants application and assessment process, causing chaos and uncertainty for the sector with many unsure if they can keep their doors open and retain their workforce.


Labor calls on the Abbott Government to provide transparency about its brutal cuts – where they have taken place, which services are most affected and how vulnerable people will be able to access the services they so vitally need.


Labor also wants to know the reason for a shocking lack of consultation with the community sector, including a lack of information and reliable advice provided to applicants; the impact of the ongoing uncertainty facing organisations; and what transition arrangements have been made for those services being de-funded.


The community services sector remains in chaos because of the Abbott Government’s incompetence.


Many organisations have lost staff and have let go of rental agreements due to ongoing uncertainty and do not know where to direct their clients.


Australia’s community services sector deserves to be treated with respect not be subjected to chaos, confusion and cuts.


Labor continues to call on the Abbott Government to immediately reverse its cut and restore the $270 million it has stripped from community grants.