November 30, 2015

Coalition Senators have endorsed Malcolm Turnbull’s unfair cuts to Family Tax Benefits in a new Community Affairs Committee report.

Remarkably, the Coalition Senators recommended the cuts be supported even after the Government was forced to remove them from their own legislation last week.

Every submission received by the Committee was opposed to the Turnbull Government’s unfair cuts to family payments. The Liberal Senators ignored this universal view and backed Turnbull’s cuts anyway.

Labor Senators dissented from the Committee report because these cuts are a hip-pocket hit on low-income families. The cuts also target single parents and grandparent carers who can least afford these cost of living increases.

The cuts to Family Tax Benefit supplements would hurt 1.6 million families and three million children.

A typical single parent with two kids in high school will be about $4700 a year worse off because of Malcolm Turnbull.

Organisations who gave evidence to the Committee made clear the real-world impacts of these cuts:

‘We as grandparents with sole parental responsibility for our grandchildren will be struggling, even more financially, with the changes proposed by this bill.’

Grandparents Rearing Children WA

‘Struggling sole parent families, mostly headed up by a mother, have no financial capacity to absorb any further reductions.’

National Council for Single Mother and their Children

‘Creating additional financial stress on low income families to achieve some short term savings for government, will increase the likelihood of poorer outcomes for

these families across a range of indicators into the future and inevitably create additional costs to our social security, health and justice systems’.

WA Commissioner for Children and Young People

It is only because of the strength of Labor’s opposition that these savage cuts did not pass the House of Representatives last week, with the Government forced to amend their own bill.

But the Government has already confirmed they will reintroduce these cuts into Parliament. The Liberals just never give up when it comes to hurting families.

Whether it is by cutting family payments or increasing the cost of everything with a higher GST, Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals are showing they don’t understand the real pressures faced by Australian families.

Labor will keep protecting families by fighting against these cuts, just like we’ll fight any increase in the GST.

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