August 12, 2015

Labor Senators yesterday called on the Senate to reject the Government’s proposed cuts to young jobseekers, following a Senate Inquiry into the legislation.

The Senate is due to debate the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Youth Employment and other Measures) Bill 2015 this week.

 In its own Senate Committee Inquiry report released yesterday, Government Senators admit the four-week waiting period will disproportionately impact on vulnerable young people, including those with mental health issues.

The Abbott Government is knowingly pushing young people into poverty.

If Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison get their way young jobseekers under 25 will be pushed into poverty and hardship with nothing to live on for one month.

Changes to the eligibility age for Newstart will also push jobseekers between the ages of 22 and 24 onto the lower Youth Allowance – a cut of around $48 a week or almost $2,500 a year.

Major community and welfare organisations are united in their condemnation of Tony Abbott’s plan to push young people into poverty and hardship.  

Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison know these Bills have the potential to confine young people to an endless cycle of no income support at all, pushing many young jobseekers into poverty, crisis and homelessness. 

Flying in the face of evidence, the Abbott Government is continuing with its cruel cuts to young jobseekers.

Labor will continue to stand up for young Australians by opposing these cuts.

It’s now time for the Senate to send Tony Abbott a strong message – Australians do not want to live in a country that abandons young people who have fallen on hard times.

Whether for one month or six, Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison’s savage attack on young people should be dropped once and for all.