April 11, 2016

New figures from Senate Estimates show that Labor’s Paid Parental Leave Scheme is highly targeted to low and middle income families, contradicting claims by Social Services Minister Christian Porter that the Scheme is “inequitably generous”.


In fact, 75 percent of new parents receiving paid parental leave are on incomes of between $10,000 - $70,000 a year.


Only 6 per cent of PPL recipients are on incomes of greater than $100,000. Just 3 per cent of mothers who have accessed the scheme over the last five years earned more than $120,000.


These new figures shows how completely out of touch the Liberals are with the lives of working women. It also shows the lengths of dishonesty they will go to get their cruel cuts through the parliament.


80,000 new mums will be worse off every year as a result of the Turnbull Government’s cuts to paid parental leave. Some families will lose as much as $11,800.


The Minister’s own Department says many women who will be worse off are on a median income of $43,000.


Labor introduced Australia’s first national paid parental leave scheme in 2011 to give new parents the financial support to take time off work to care for their newborn in those critical early months.


It was designed to target assistance to parents on low and middle incomes, many of whom are in casual and part-time work. This new evidence shows its doing precisely that.


Last year an independent report also found that Labor's paid parental leave scheme was improving the health of mothers and babies and lifting female workforce participation.


Despite all the evidence Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals continue to attack paid parental leave and new mums who rely on it.


There is only one way to end Malcolm Turnbull’s war on working mums – vote Labor. 




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