March 08, 2015

An independent report has found Labor’s paid parental leave scheme is delivering for Australian families

The report released today found that around 521,000 Australian mothers have benefited from parental leave since the scheme was introduced by Labor in 2011.


The evaluation shows the scheme is delivering valuable support for families when they take time off work to care for a newborn or recently adopted child.


Labor’s scheme was designed to benefit all Australian families. It was targeted to assist those on low and middle incomes, many of whom are in casual and part-time work.


Around 55 per cent of working mothers had no access to paid parental leave before Labor’s scheme was introduced.


Too often, women were forced to leave the workforce altogether when they had a baby.


The report found that thanks to PPL mothers are now more likely to return to the same job they had before the birth of their child.


The proportion of mothers without a tertiary education who went back to the same job increased from 69 per cent before PPL to 77 per cent after PPL was introduced.


Labor’s paid parental leave scheme is delivering for Australian women.


Before Labor introduced Australia’s first national paid parental leave scheme, Australia was one of just two OECD countries without a comprehensive paid parental leave scheme.


On International Women’s Day we should all take pride in how PPL is improving the lives of women right across Australia.




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