November 30, 2015

Labor has secured a victory today for grandparent carers with the Turnbull Government backing down on its cuts to Family Tax Benefit B for grandparent carers.

However, grandparent carers – along with 1.6 million other families – will continue to face cuts to Family Tax Benefit Supplements.

Labor has relentlessly pursued the Turnbull Government over its unfair cuts to grandparent carers - cuts that would have left a grandparent caring for a 15 year old child around $2,500 a year worse off.

Labor believes that grandparent carers are unsung heroes – they deserve our support and recognition. 

Often the circumstances in which grandparent carers come to care for their grandchildren are tragic.

That’s why Labor has fought so hard to protect Australia’s 4,000 grandparent carers from these cuts.

Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison and Christian Porter have repeatedly defended their cuts to grandparent carers, they even insulted grandparent carers by saying they should go back to work.

When asked in Question Time about the Government’s cuts to grandparent carers, Christian Porter, responded:

“Their assumption is that grandparent carers can never re-enter the workplace. That is a ridiculous old fashioned notion which has no bearing on reality.”

Christian Porter, House of Reps, 22 October 2015

Before that there was Porter’s train wreck interview, when he said a grandparent carer with a 15-year-old child would benefit from childcare.

SPEERS: Labor asked today – will grandparents raising a 15-year-old child be $2,500 a year worse off? Will they?

PORTER: Errr, well, that depends on their capacity to access childcare and re-enter the workforce.

SPEERS: I’m talking about a 15 year old.

PORTER: A 15 year old…child?


SPEERS: But all up they are worse off?

PORTER: Well again, it then depends upon their willingness and ability to re-enter the workforce and receive the benefits of the childcare package, which is the twin sister to this package if you like. That makes people –

SPEERS: But with teenage kids, they’re not going to be using child care.

PORTER: No, their parents will be though.

Sky News, 20 October 2015

Now that Mr Turnbull and Mr Porter have backed down on these cuts to grandparent carers - they should also scrap their other unfair cuts to the Family Tax Benefits.

The cuts to Family Tax Benefit supplements would hurt 1.6 million families and three million children.

A typical single parent with two kids in high school will be about $4,700 a year worse off because of Malcolm Turnbull.

Labor will continue to stand up for families. And we will win, just like we did for grandparent carers.


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