March 24, 2015

Labor today launched a new campaign calling on Tony Abbott to drop his planned pension cuts.

Australians can now visit to tell Tony Abbott to drop these cuts.   


Before the election, Tony Abbott lied to each and every Australian pensioner telling them there would be no cuts to their pension – cuts he since announced in his chaotic first budget.


Tony Abbott now has a clear choice: abandon these cuts, or Labor will take this fight right across Australia between now and the next election.


We will remind Australia’s 3.7 million pensioners that Tony Abbott wants to leave them as much as $80 a week worse off within a decade.


And what’s worse – every Liberal and National Member has already voted for this cut.


They voted for the highest retirement age in the world.


And they voted to slash the deeming thresholds for part pensioners.


Labor wants to ensure that they don’t get away with it a second time.


Tony Abbott should drop his cuts immediately.


He should take them out of the Parliament.


And out of the budget.  


And he should do so forever.




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