November 19, 2014

Labor has forced the Government into another humiliating back down on one of its cruellest budget measures, with the Government abandoning debate on its plan to abolish the Seniors Supplement.

The Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment (Seniors Supplement Cessation) Bill 2014 came on for debate in the Senate last night, and was due to be voted on today.

But the Government has removed it from the daily program.

It’s now unclear when the measure will come on for debate.

Thanks to Labor, seniors have been spared, for now.

This is another humiliating back down for the Government, who have already failed once to get their cruel budget measures through the senate.

The Government’s whole budget strategy has been a complete joke.

Unfortunately, the Government remains committed to abolishing the Seniors Supplement, a payment of around $900 that goes to Australian seniors on the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

This Government’s budget is a nightmare for older Australians.

Not only do they want to abolish the Seniors Supplement, they also want to cut the indexation of pensions, abolish valuable seniors concessions and increase the cost of medicines.

According to the Australian Council of Social Services, the Abbott Government’s pension cuts alone will leave Australia pensioners $80 a week worse off within ten years.

These cruel cuts will put increased pressure on older Australians as they deal with Tony Abbott’s new fuel tax and GP tax.

Tony Abbott has always claimed to represent older Australians. But Australian seniors know they were deceived.

Tony Abbott lied to get elected, and now pensioners and seniors are paying the price.


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