November 25, 2015

Rookie Social Services Minister, Christian Porter continues to get the details wrong on his portfolio and his unfair cuts to families.

In another train wreck interview on Sky News today, when asked about his Department’s refusal to release the full details of his family payment cuts following an FOI request, the Minister said:

“This is not, as I understand, a decline to give information that already exists, it’s a decline to undertake a request for modelling from the opposition.”

That’s wrong. Labor did not request new modelling. Labor simply requested the modelling that the Government has already completed. The Minister’s own department has confirmed there are 550 pages of material detailing the impact of his cuts to family payments.

But this isn’t the first time the Minister has been hopelessly out of touch and out of his depth.

Last month, he said in response to a Dorothy Dixer in Parliament: 

“All FTB-A families will receive $10 more a fortnight. That is, 1.5 million Australian families will receive $10 more a fortnight.”

  • House of Representatives, 21 October 2015

That’s wrong too. It’s actually 1.2 million families. Every single one of these families will still lose at least hundreds of dollars a year because of his cuts to supplements, leaving them all worse off. 300,000 families will be hit with the harsh cuts to supplements and get no increase to their fortnightly rate.

And who could forget L-plate Porter’s cringe-worthy interview last month, when he said a grandparent carer with a 15-year-old child would benefit from childcare?

SPEERS: Labor asked today – will grandparents raising a 15-year-old child be $2,500 a year worse off? Will they?

PORTER: Errr, well, that depends on their capacity to access childcare and re-enter the workforce.

SPEERS: I’m talking about a 15 year old.

PORTER: A 15 year old…child?


SPEERS: But all up they are worse off?

PORTER: Well again, it then depends upon their willingness and ability to re-enter the workforce and receive the benefits of the childcare package, which is the twin sister to this package if you like. That makes people –

SPEERS: But with teenage kids, they’re not going to be using child care.

PORTER: No, their parents will be though.

  • Sky News, 20 October 2015

Wrong again, Minister. A grandparent carer with a 15-year-old will not benefit from your phantom childcare package.

Christian Porter doesn’t have a clue. His cost of living increases will hurt 1.6 million families and 3 million children, and he can’t even get the details right.

These families know exactly how much these cuts will hurt, even if the Minister doesn’t. Mr Porter should take these cuts out of the Parliament and out of the Budget.


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