March 05, 2014

Greg Jericho’s intelligent piece on the Drum today makes clear what Labor has been saying for months - Kevin Andrews is deliberately peddling falsehoods about the Disability Support Pension.

Kevin Andrews’ motivations are clear – he is attempting to soften Australians up for a round of savage Budget cuts to support for people with disability.

Mr Jericho also highlights the success of Laobr’s tough but responsible reforms to the Disability Support Pension while in government. 

If Kevin Andrews wants to press ahead with more “reforms” to the DSP he needs to explain why what was done in 2011 was not enough – and he needs to provide more than just nominal “scary numbers” that lack any context.”

[Greg Jericho, the Drum, 5 March 2014] 

This Government has no real plan for jobs, and no real plan about how to get people off welfare and into work. All this Government is doing is softening people up for savage cuts to vulnerable Australians so Tony Abbott can pay $75,000 to wealthy women to have a baby.

Australians can expect to find yet another Kevin Andrews thought bubble and misrepresented data in this weekend’s papers, as has become his habit.

Kevin Andrews’ actions are completely transparent. If the consequences of what he is suggesting were not so grave for people with disability, his actions would be almost comical.



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