July 23, 2014

Reports in today’s Fairfax papers reveal a Treasurer entirely out of touch with the lives of ordinary Australians, and a man intent on delivering further cuts to Australian families, pensioners and young people.

This follows comments last week where Joe Hockey said he would seek an alternative budget if his current budget didn’t pass the Senate.

We now know he wants to go further and cut deeper.

Does Joe Hockey think single income families on $65,000, who will already be left $6,000 worse off because of his budget, are living on easy street?

Does Joe Hockey think that pensioners, who earn around $20,000 a year, should tighten their belts further?

Does he think that carers, who have dedicated their lives to caring for their loved ones, are ‘leaners’?

And does he think that young people, who will be pushed into poverty because of his harsh cuts to Newstart, should be left without income support for even longer?

Joe Hockey’s budget is an ideological attack on ordinary Australians and the Australian fair go.

His budget strikes at the heart of Australia’s social safety net, a safety net that Australia has built over the last century.

And all Joe Hockey wants to do is destroy it. 

23 JULY 2014

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