October 25, 2013

Treasurer Joe Hockey has today said he is considering abolishing or scaling back DisabilityCare Australia, the agency established to administer the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and handing the role to Medibank Private as part of its cuts to services (Australian Financial Review “Hockey points to Medibank role in NDIS”).


After decades of advocacy and hard work, people with a disability, their families and carers, now finally have the NDIS that gives them certainty that their needs will be met.


Joe Hockey’s comments today mean all that hard work is now at risk. People with disability have a right to be very concerned.


Despite claiming before the election they supported Labor’s NDIS, there is every indication today that the government is now breaking this commitment.


The Coalition must confirm immediately that they will not tamper with the NDIS.


It’s extremely important that people with disability and their families and their carers have an independent authority that is there to make sure that the NDIS is delivered in the interests of people with a disability.


For people with a disability, the NDIS means that for the first time they will receive the support and care that they need.


Already, more than 500 people with disability across Australia have independent care plans which are giving them the chance to live happy, independent lives.


The successful rollout of DisabilityCare Australia means this number is growing everyday.