May 18, 2015

Joe Hockey has today tried to dismiss the Abbott Government’s appalling language towards women taking Paid Parental Leave as "Canberra word games" and "semantics."

Joe Hockey is completely out of touch.

Labelling women ‘rorters’ or ‘fraudsters’, or employers who want to support their staff ‘scammers’, is insulting.

Calling women who access their agreed workplace conditions from their employers ‘double-dippers’ – which is exactly what Joe Hockey's budget papers call them - says a lot about how this Government goes about business.

The Abbott Government's only approach to reform is to demonise a group of people and then take something off them.

Last year it was pensioners, young jobseekers and people on the Disability Support Pension.

This year families are being pitted against one another to try and justify cuts to Paid Parental Leave and Family Tax Benefits.

But families should not have to choose between quality child care, Paid Parental Leave and support with the costs of raising their children through the family payments system.

Nor should they be subjected to the sort of language they have been this week, simply for wanting the best for their new babies.

Joe Hockey, Scott Morrison and Tony Abbott have tried to justify their cuts to Paid Parental leave by insulting Australian women.

They should stop this divisive language and drop their cuts immediately.

MONDAY, 18 MAY 2015

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