May 04, 2018

Secret data shows that about half of people affected by Malcolm Turnbull’s planned increase to the pension age to 70 will be forced onto other income support payments including Newstart and the Disability Support Pension. 

In 2025, the first year of the proposed increase, the Department of Social Services expects 51,000 people will be affected by increasing the pension age to 70.

Of those the Department expects around 25,000 Australians will be forced onto Newstart or the DSP because of the proposed change.

This just shows the stupidity of Mr Turnbull’s plan to increase the pension age to 70.

Many Australians won’t be able to work for longer like Mr Turnbull wants them to - instead they’ll just be forced to live on Newstart or the DSP.

Labor understands how hard it is for older Australians to find work, particularly when their job has taken a toll on their body and where there is age based discrimination in the workforce.

Malcolm Turnbull is totally out of touch.

He’s got no idea how hard it is for builders, nurses and farmers to wait until they’re 70 before they get the Age Pension.

Malcolm Turnbull is counting a budget saving of $3.6 billion by increasing the pension age to 70. That’s $3.6 billion that’s coming from the pockets of hardworking Australians.

Increasing the pension age to 70 will mean that Australia will have an older pension age than the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Australians born after 1 July 1958 will be affected by this proposed change.

It’s been four years since Joe Hockey first proposed this unfair policy and still it hasn’t passed the Parliament.

Labor has fought it every step of the way.

Last Sunday Labor launched an online campaign to stop this unfair change and nearly 40,000 Australians have signed the online petition.

It’s time for Mr Turnbull to drop this unfair plan to increase the pension age to 70 in next week’s Budget.

FRIDAY, 4 MAY 2018

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Authorised by Noah Carroll ALP Canberra