August 17, 2015

The Australian Human Rights Commission has today added its voice to the growing opposition to Tony Abbottand Scott Morrison’s cuts to Paid Parental Leave, arguing the cuts are a breach of human rights.

According to today’s reports, Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick argues that the cuts would “exacerbate the current gender pay gap”, “prove detrimental to women’s workforce participation rates’’ and are “inconsistent with Australia’s international human rights obligations’’.

Today’s revelations follow a report last week by the Joint Parliamentary Human Rights Committee – chaired by a Liberal – which also claimed the cuts may be a breach of international human rights conventions.

If passed, these cuts will see up to 80,000 new mums lose part or all of their national, government funded Paid Parental Leave.

This means they will be forced to spend less time with their newborn babies.

This is bad for children and bad for families.

Labor has opposed these cuts since Budget night, and we will oppose them when they are debated in the House of Representatives this week.

Labor will also continue to oppose Tony Abbott’s unfair cuts to Family Tax Benefits, which have been stuck in the Senate since last year’s budget.

Only Labor understands that Australian families are doing it tough. They need support, not cuts.

Only Labor will stand up for families.

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