April 30, 2015

Australia’s pensioners and people living on Newstart and Youth Allowance are finding it almost impossible to keep a roof over their heads in the private rental market. 


Today’s release of Anglicare’s Rental Affordability Snapshot shows that while there may be more rental properties in the market, only a tiny percentage of them are affordable and people are at real risk of becoming homeless if they cannot seek these properties out.


Of most concern are statistics which suggest that people on disability pensions who live in cities have less than one per cent chance of securing a private rental, with age pensioners fairing little better.


And Tony Abbott wants to make it even harder for those on the pension.


He’s cutting the indexation of the pension, a cut that will result in an $80 a week cut to the pension. These savage cuts will hit age pensioners, disability support pensioners, carers and veterans. 


Before the election Tony Abbott promised “no change to pensions”.


Tony Abbott is making pensioners pay for his broken promises and will make housing affordability and security even tougher.


Housing markets and the availability of housing have an important bearing on disadvantage across Australia but every day more and more Australians find affordable housing is becoming the impossible dream.


But as the housing crisis looms even larger, the Abbott Government continues to sit on its hands and take no action to address this significant and growing social and economic problem.


The Abbott Government must act immediately and work with the States and Territories to implement policies and programs to increase the supply of affordable and social housing stock across Australia. 


If it doesn’t, this will leave a legacy of neglect by Liberal and Liberal National governments in this country that will be felt for many years to come.