August 30, 2015

Joe Hockey’s latest thought bubble completely ignores and is in complete contrast to the massive cuts he’s already made to Australian families.

It is reported today that Joe Hockey has told women to go back to work "For the sake of the future of the Australian economy…".


It’s as if he doesn’t know what’s in his own budget papers – that this government has made it harder for women in Australia.


Mr Hockey is treating women like fools. They haven't forgotten this Liberal Government’s cruel cuts to family tax benefits and paid parental leave.


Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are cutting at $8.5 billion from family tax benefits - including removing families from Family Tax Benefit Part B when their youngest child turns six.


Because of Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey’s budget cuts some Australian families will be around $6,000 worse off a year.


At the same time as saying they want to raise women's workforce participation, Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are also cutting paid parental leave to around 80,000 new mums every year.


This means 45,000 new parents will lose part of their paid parental leave and 34,000 new parents will lose the full $11,500.


How does cutting paid parental leave help improve female workforce participation?


Australians families know they just can’t trust Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey.


If Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey really want to do the right thing by Australian families they should scrap their unfair cuts to family tax benefits and paid parental leave, immediately.




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