June 11, 2014

Joe Hockey is lying about the impact of Tony Abbott’s Paid Parental Leave Scheme on farming communities, in a desperate attempt to con his National colleagues into supporting the Scheme.

Yesterday, Mr Hockey said of Tony Abbott’s Scheme

“It is a massive win for farmers who don’t have paid parental leave schemes. Farmers are self-employed and for a lot of the mums in a farming household, they don’t get paid parental leave, and now they’re going to have replacement wages and superannuation.”


The Paid Parental Leave work test for Tony Abbott’s scheme is exactly the same as Labor’s.

Farmers – and anyone else who meets that work test – are already eligible for Paid Parental Leave. This includes people who are self-employed.

Unless Joe Hockey is suggesting that women who do not undertake paid work will receive Paid Parental Leave – which would blow out the cost of the scheme significantly – he is just making things up.

The biggest issue for single income farming families who do not qualify for Paid Parental Leave is Tony Abbott’s cuts to Family Tax Benefit B.

These cuts are an assault on exactly the single income farming families Joe Hockey is talking about. 

Because of Tony Abbott, a single income farming family on $65,000 with two children aged 8 and 14 is going to lose over $6,000 per year by 2016.

With a growing number of Liberals and Nationals threatening to vote against the Paid Parental Leave scheme in the senate, the government is clearly desperate.

Last night, Nationals Senator John Williamson said on Lateline that he would not support the scheme in its current form.

This morning, Nationals Senator George Christiansen described Tony Abbott’s scheme as “money for jam”.

Without the support of the Nationals, Tony Abbott’s scheme is toast.


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