May 02, 2014

Joe Hockey has today confirmed what millions of pensioners had feared: this budget will be a budget of broken promises and twisted priorities when it comes to their pension.

The Treasurer has begun the process of implementing the Liberal Party’s new budget blueprint, and pensioners look set to be the first victims.

Appearing on 2GB this morning the Treasurer confirmed that the pension age will be raised to 70 by 2035, twenty years earlier than the year 2053 that was recommended by the Commission of Audit.

The Treasurer’s announcement confirms that Tony Abbott will break the solemn promise he made to pensioners before the election.

This is a Prime Minister that cannot be trusted to keep his word.

The Prime Minister made it clear on no less than 30 occasions before the election that there would be no change to pensions, and no cuts to pensions.

Pensioners now know that they have been betrayed. Tony Abbott promised no changes to the pension.  

The Prime Minister has no mandate to make changes to pensions in this year’s budget – regardless of when these measures commence.

This is the first recommendation from the Commission of Audit that the government has responded to explicitly.

The Treasurer needs to immediately outline his response to the other recommendations.

He needs to tell Australians what he has in store for them, how they will be affected and when.

Make no mistake: the Commission of Audit’s report is the government’s new budget blueprint.

These cuts will come, in this budget or the next.

This government’s priorities are completely twisted.

FRIDAY, 2 MAY 2014

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