June 17, 2015

Richard Di Natale and the Greens have been dudded into accepting a $2.4 billion pension cut in exchange for a six week extension to the deadline for submissions to the Tax Inquiry.

Di Natale has been hoodwinked into claiming he has got the Government to put “superannuation tax concessions back on the table”.




Di Natale says:


“We end up with a review into income retirement and we get superannuation tax concessions back on the table through the review. So it ticks both boxes.”


SKY NEWS – 16 June 2015


“We get superannuation back on to the table as part of the tax white paper.”


ABC AM – 17 June 2015


Scott Morrison has made very clear the Abbott Government will not change its position on superannuation tax concessions.


“The Government has made it crystal clear that our policy when it relates to superannuation and particularly taxation and the flexibility of people's arrangements is unchanged.”


ABC 7.30 – 16 June 2015


Joe Hockey has also confirmed the Abbott Government will not support any changes to superannuation.


“This is why the Government has given clear commitments that there will be no unexpected, adverse changes to superannuation in this term of Government nor do we have any plans for such changes beyond the next election.


“Specifically, the Government will not increase taxes on superannuation and will not remove any current flexibility in accessing superannuation in retirement.”


Media Release – 17 June 2015


The very first act of the new Greens leader has been to sell out pensioners.


It is clear there is no intention by this Government to seriously review the retirement income system and consider any changes to superannuation arrangements. 


The Greens have been completely conned.


They have sold out middle and low income pensioners who have worked hard and saved their whole life.


The very fact that the Greens are willing to deal with Tony Abbott hurt Australian pensioners is a disgrace.


Di Natale is happy for Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison to rip money away from part pensioners on incomes of less than $25,000 a year without abolishing tax concessions for high income superannuants on incomes of more than $75,000 a year.


Because of this deal, 330,000 pensioners will lose in 2017.


Within ten years, half of all retirees will be affected.


Some single pensioners will lose as much as $8,000.


Couples will lose as much as $14,000.


And whilst the Government argue that all these pensioners are rich, the reality is pensioners with $289,000 in assets or less than $15,000 a year in super income, will be left worse off because of this deal.


This filthy deal sends an unequivocal, unmistakable message to every pensioner in Australia – never trust the Abbott Government or the Greens again.  


Only Labor can be trusted to protect the pension.




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