March 01, 2015

Reports today that the Liberal Government will grant some transition funding to eight disability organisations is a victory for the disability sector, but the funding needs to be made permanent.

These organisations still have no certainty about their future after June. That’s just not good enough.

On Christmas Eve last year, eight disability organisations were informed that they had had their funding cut. This funding was due to run out yesterday. That funding has now been extended until June at the last minute.

Whilst this is a welcome development, the Government cannot expect these organisations to continue to operate with such uncertainty.

The Liberals must make this funding permanent, and give people with disability the certainty that they deserve.

The organisations provide an important voice for people with disability.

At a time when the NDIS is at a critical point in its development, these voices are more important than ever. 

This is not a time for compromising the multitude of voices in the disability sector.

Around Australia, community organisations are having their funding slashed by the Abbott Government.

Services will be compromised, staff laid off and many organisations will close their doors forever.

The Government should reverse its cuts to community organisations and stop its attack on vulnerable Australians.