June 06, 2014

Tony Abbott’s Budget will push more than half a million people into poverty, according to the Department of Social Services. 

What’s more, the Government is trying to cover up just how much money it has allocated to emergency relief for these young people, and exactly what services will be provided.

The Department of Social Services revealed to a Senate Estimates committee on Wednesday night that “more than 500,000” young people may need financial assistance in the next four years because of Tony Abbott’s decision to kick people off Newstart and Youth Allowance. 

This is a measure designed to punish young jobseekers by cutting their income support.

The Department also revealed on Wednesday night that some young people might have to wait up to 11 months without receiving any support at all.

“This confirms that the Abbott Government knew full well its plans to cut young people off Newstart would push them into serious hardship,” said Jenny Macklin, Shadow Minister for Families and Payments.

“In fact, the Government has included an allocation in the Budget to cover the extra costs of emergency relief it believes will result from the changes in this budget.” 

“But the Government’s claim that this is new money is false.”

“In fact, the Department confirmed that this is just recycled money from the savings that will be generated by cutting young people off Newstart and Youth Allowance.”

Despite sustained questioning from Senator Doug Cameron in Senate Estimates yesterday, the Department has refused to reveal just how much money has been allocated to these services and exactly what services will be provided.

“This money comes straight from the pockets of some of our most vulnerable young people,” said Shadow Minister for Human Services, Senator Doug Cameron.

“What’s worse, the Government has deliberately tried to cover up the true cost of its harsh measures.”

“This Government is clearly trying to hide from the Australian people the full extent of just how callous the Government’s attack on our vulnerable young people is.”


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