January 29, 2018

The ABC has reported today that ahead of the 2014 budget, the Liberals considered banning anyone under 30 from accessing income support, according to cabinet documents.

This shows there is no limit to how low this Government will sink to in their attempts to undermine our social safety net and attack young Australians.

This is the most out-of-touch government in Australian history – a government that kicks young Australians to the kerb while handing out $65 billion in new tax breaks for multinational companies and big banks.

Australia has one of the most well-targeted social security systems in the world. It is affordable, it is sustainable, and it is fair.

These payments provide a vital safety net to people unable to work and play an important role in alleviating poverty.

Malcolm Turnbull should today rule out any further attacks on young Australians who are looking for work.  

What other attacks on young people, jobseekers, pensioners and families are they considering for the 2018 Budget?

Labor successfully defeated the majority of cuts in the Government’s horror 2014 Budget, including the Government’s attempt to make young people wait six months to receive unemployment benefits.

These cruel cuts were rejected by the Australian people and by the Parliament.

Labor will continue to stand up for young Australians and defend our social safety net.

The Liberals are seriously out of touch with ordinary Australians.