December 14, 2015

 Federal Labor welcomes today’s announcement that the full rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in South Australia has finally been agreed.  

This agreement was a long time coming, but it is great news for those who have campaigned so hard to secure the future of this transformational scheme.


More than 32,000 South Australians with disability, their families and carers will benefit from the NDIS once it is fully rolled out by 2019.

Today’s announcement gives much needed certainty for people with disability, carers, families and service providers in South Australia, and allows them all to start planning for the future with confidence.

Unfortunately, there are still thousands of people in other states and territories who do not yet have this certainty.

The agreements with all states and territories on the transition to the full scheme were supposed to be finalised in August. Malcolm Turnbull needs to make securing these remaining agreements a personal priority.

In government Labor legislated for the NDIS, successfully launched the scheme in a  number of locations, and set out a ten-year funding plan to secure its long-term future.


Labor created the NDIS because we understood that the current system of disability support is completely broken.


Across the country, the NDIS is now transforming the lives of about 20,000 people with disability. 


For the first time, people with disability have their needs met in a way that supports them to live with choice and dignity.


When fully rolled out, the NDIS will provide support to more than 460,000 people with disability.




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