February 02, 2015

The Abbott Government’s first families package – released in May in the budget - will leave a typical Australian family $6000 a year worse off. 

For Tony Abbott’s families package to have any sort of credibility today he must reverse the $5.5 billion worth of cuts to families still stalled in the Parliament. 

Anything less is a clear indication that the Prime Minister is not serious about supporting Australian families.

The biggest cost of living pressure on Australian families today is Tony Abbott’s Budget. This includes:

  • FTB B payments will only be paid until the youngest child turns 6.   
  • FTB A and B supplements will be re-set at $600 (down from $726.35) and $300 (down from $354.05) respectively.
  • Family Tax Benefit Rates will be frozen until 2017/2018.

And Tony Abbott has already passed legislation to abolish the SchoolKids Bonus in 2016, meaning every year, families will be $410 worse off for every eligible child at primary school and $810 worse off for every eligible child at secondary school. 

According to independent analysis by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling these cuts mean:

  • A single income family on $65,000 with two children is set to lose about $6,114.60 per year by 2016. That is nearly ten per cent of their income.
  • A dual income family with a combined income of $95,000 and two kids aged 5 and 13 would be more than $1,790 worse off per year as a result of Tony Abbott’s budget.

A new package won't hide the fact that this is a Government which has delivered nothing for families apart from an increase to their cost of living and broken promises.

Today’s National Press Club address from Tony Abbott is about saving his own skin, not saving Australian families from his unfair Budget.


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