February 11, 2016

The myth that the National Disability Insurance Scheme is experiencing a cost blowout has been comprehensively busted at Senate Estimates hearings today.

The Department of Social Services and the National Disability Insurance Agency confirmed that claims of cost overruns were completely wrong.


Government official: “Frankly Senator there have been many, many inaccurate news reports about cost blowouts in the NDIS, and they are all inaccurate…I can say on the record that the NDIS is tracking to budget.”


The fallacy of a cost blowout was most recently stated in The Australian on 21 January: “The bipartisan goodwill behind the National Disability Insurance Scheme is souring after revelations  of a billion dollar cost blowout during the trial period.”


This claim has now been exposed as utterly untrue. In the public interest, The Australian should retract this falsehood.   


This kind of misinformation creates unnecessary uncertainty for people with disability and undermines confidence in the future of the scheme. It is vital the Federal Government is constantly vigilant for these inaccuracies.


The Government needs to publicly correct the record when inaccurate claims are made about the NDIS, no matter who makes the claim.  



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