April 04, 2017

The Turnbull Government still wants to scrap the Energy Supplement to 1.7 million Australians, a payment designed to help vulnerable Australians with the cost of energy. 

It’s a bit rich for Malcolm Turnbull to say he is giving pensioners help with rising energy costs when he wants to scrap the Energy Supplement to 1.7 million Australians.

For pensioners scrapping the Energy Supplement will mean a cut of $14.10 per fortnight to single pensioners or $365 a year.

Couple pensioners will be $21.20 a fortnight worse off or around $550 a year worse off.

Australians on Newstart also face a cut - a single person on Newstart will lose $8.80 per fortnight or around $220 a year.

People on Newstart won’t get a cent from Malcolm Turnbull’s one off payment.

Malcolm Turnbull is two-faced – he’s going to give a one off payment of $75 - less than $1.50 a week - to pensioners and at the same time rip away $365 every year from pensioners.

This is just another case of Malcolm Turnbull giving with one hand and ripping away with the other.

Australian pensioners know they can’t trust Malcolm Turnbull.

Pensioners know that in every single Budget the Liberals have handed down they’ve tried to cut the pension.

Pensioners know that power bills are going through the roof under the Turnbull Government.

By scrapping the Energy Supplement Mr Turnbull is ripping $1 billion from the pockets of pensioners, people with disability, carers and people on Newstart. 

Mr Turnbull first announced his plan to scrap the Energy Supplement in the 2016 Budget, and Scott Morrison recently confirmed that the measure was still government policy:

“These are measures [from the Omnibus Bill] that continue to stand as government policy.”

-       Scott Morrison, Sky News, 22nd March 2017

This comes days after Malcolm Turnbull cut $1.4 billion from the pockets of low and middle income families - they won't receive his one off energy payment either.

Only Labor stands up for pensioners and vulnerable Australians.